Finishing point of HBB - Virtakari

To end a HBB-paddling you place your hand on the border mark Nº59 on the Virtakari cape which is the most easterly point of Sweden.  The exact position is: 65°48'53.1"N 24°08'55.3"E

Not far from the border mark Nº59 there is another stone specifying that the border to Finland is actually 292.4 meters eastwards,  which is in the middle of Torne ”älv” river. Please respect the border mark. Do not climb up on it and do not place the kayak on the same.

The TV-series Robinson took place in the nearby archipelago during summer 2020. For that reason a jetty and exhibition has been built just close by. It has caused that some of the desolate charm to disappear. The whole cape is nowadays owned by Cape East/Kristofer Lundström, but HBB-paddlers are still welcome to land here.

In the picture above you can see the jetty and Robinson exhibition. To the right you can maybe get a glimpse of a small red cottage where border mark Nº59 is located. You can go ashore here or at a small sandy beach a bit to the left of the jetty. After having touched the border mark and finished HBB you can alternatively paddle some 700 meters to the west to the small marina in Riekkola and be picked up there (see map and details below). This marina has guardsmen during summer nights. There is a gate that can be locked some 200 meters from the marina. To avoid that you can paddle further 150 meters which is on the other side of the gate.

Alternative pick up place at Riekkola

On the map below you can see the alternative pick up place at the small marina Riekkola.

Arriving at Virtakari raise the question - how to return back home. If this isn't solved before one could do with assistance. VL Transport (Vesa) has helped many paddlers. Picking up the stuff at Virtakari where they have landed and then acted as instructed. Can be reached at +46730598469.

See you at the jury meeting.

Regardless where home might be the road back surely is long. How long? Perhaps this photo gives a hint and we wish you a safe and happy return.