What happens at the jury-meeting?

1. Establishing number of paddling-days.

2. Scrutinizing log and maps/charts.

3. Asking candid question eye to eye: "With your kayak-honor at stake, have you taken part of the rules, understood them and complied with them"?

4. At approval, grand awarding of miniature kayak.

5. Beer and sandwiches.

6. Coffee and perhaps a look at pictures from the trip.


The chairman's gavel given Jim by the Davidsson family in August 2009.
The inscription says: "HBB 2008 Fam. Davidsson".


Members of the Jury

Sven Berggren
Lennart Bergström
Jim Danielsson
Magnus Fischer
Mats Grindvik
Thorvald Nielsen
Lilja Nikulásdóttir
Louisa Rolandsdotter
Peter Sjödin