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Jury meeting 2022-09-24

Datum: 2022-09-24
On Saturday 24 September there was a jury meeting for Richard Asker. It was a clear and thorough account, even with moving pictures. The jury consisted of just two members, Jim Danielsson and Sven Berggren, and together they represented 7 HBB paddlings.

Richard rolled 4 times in very rough weather.

The jury is grateful that Richard, like previously Lena and Pontus, heeded our appeal to respect the border marker Nº 59 by only placing the hand on the top stone without climbing up onto the border marker.

Jim Danielsson and Richard Asker

Richard Asker enjoys a coffee after finishing the briefing with the jury



Jury meeting 2022-08-30

Datum: 2022-08-30
On Tuesday, August 30, there was a jury meeting for Lena and Pontus. The jury, chaired by Jim Danielsson, carefully reviewed the entire paddling distance from Svinesund to border marker Nº 59 in Virtakari.

After eye contact, both Lena and Pontus were able to certify "With my kayak-honor at stake, I have taken part of the rules, understood them and complied with them". Thus, the jury could happily state that they have both conquered the Sea Paddlers Blue Ribbon of Sweden.

This was followed by the distribution of the fine miniature kayaks, which will be a nice memory of the completed paddling.

As usual, a little refreshment and coffee with cake then followed.

The jury's review

Pontus and Lena carefully follow the jury's review of the route

Jim hands over the nice miniature kayaks

The good cake



Last finish 2022

Datum: 2022-08-20
As the last paddlers of the year, Lena and Pontus have after 82 days of which 72 were paddle days and 2463 km reached the goal at national border marker Nº 59.

Big congratulations to both of you!

Finish line image at border marker Nº 59



The fifth paddler has reached the finish line

Datum: 2022-08-01
Gustav Flodin Åström has completed his HBB paddling with laying his hand on national border marker Nº 59 in Haparanda after total 56 days of which 54 were paddle days and 2174 km.

Big congratulations on a well completed paddling!

Finish line image at border marker Nº 59



Finish for the three paddlers

Datum: 2022-07-31
There were three solo paddlers who met early and made the journey together and at the same time laid their hands on national border marker Nº 59 in Haparanda

- Jonna Ingvaldsson: Total 99 days, 74 paddling days, 2353 km
- Victoria Bergmark: Total 88 days, 70 paddling days, 2356 km
- Jan Olof Johansson: Total 72 days, 66 paddling days, 2330 km

Big congratulations to all three!

Finish line image at border marker Nº 59



First registration for the year 2023

Datum: 2022-07-22
Already on July 18, 2022, Samuel Johnsson has registered for the start on June 10, 2023. We wish him the best of luck with his preparations and look forward to his start.



First finish year 2022

Datum: 2022-07-13
Richard Asker became the first paddler this year to reach national border marker Nº 59 in Haparanda after 56 days, of which 48 were paddle days. Richards total paddle distance was 2291 km.

Finish line image at border marker Nº 59



Lars Ericsson has started

Datum: 2022-06-19
On Sunday morning, Lars started his long paddling along the coast of Sweden.

We wish Lars great luck!



Tragic accident

Datum: 2022-06-09
We would like to express our deep sadness and condolences for the loss of Henrik Österlund who was involved in a tragic accident during his HBB-expedition.
Juryn i Havspaddlarnas Blå Band


Gustav Flodin Åström has started

Datum: 2022-06-06
Early on National Day, Gustav started from the old Svinesund Bridge.

We wish this year's youngest paddler great luck!



Pontus and Lena have started

Datum: 2022-05-30
On Monday morning, Pontus and Lena started their paddling towards the goal in Haparanda.

We wish them both great luck!



Anna Anborén has started

Datum: 2022-05-22
On Sunday afternoon, Anna started her long paddling along the coast of Sweden.

We wish Anna great luck!



Richard Asker has started

Datum: 2022-05-19
On Thursday evening, Richard started from the old Svinesund Bridge. Today's paddling started at the top of the Idefjord and Richard explored the stretch down to the starting point.

We wish Richard the best of luck!



Jan Olof Johansson has started

Datum: 2022-05-15
On Sunday morning, Jan Olof started with the aim of completing his third HBB paddling. Previous conquests of HBB were in 2015 and 2018.

We wish Jan Olof good luck!



Three ex coastal rangers have started

Datum: 2022-05-14
Today, three old coastal rangers started their paddling along the coast of Sweden.

We wish them luck!



Victoria Bergmark has started

Datum: 2022-04-29
In the afternoon Victoria started her long journey towards Haparanda.

We wish her Good Luck!



First start

Datum: 2022-04-18
Today the first couple started their long paddling towards Haparanda. We wish them good luck!

Together they have both an instagram account and a garmin link that shows their route. They have each received a link, but of course they apply to both of them.



First registrations for year 2022

Datum: 2021-12-02
Already in december 2021 two paddlers have registered for a start 1 April 2022. We wish them good luck in their preparations and look forward to their start.
Peter Sjödin