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Elin Petersson har intagit Rr59 år 2009 Hanna Liljebäck intog också Rr59 2009
Elin Petersson (2009) and Hanna Liljebäck (2009) at the stone Nº 59. A goal often dreamt of.

As a paddler reaches Haparanda after start in Svinesund the memory bank is highly enriched by experiences and impressions from the tour. The route might seem to be the same for everyone, but weather condition gives an obvious variation. There is however one way we most often share with others who also have made the distance. This is the gate in to Stråkvägen 24 in Solna where Jim Danielsson lives with his Gun. The jury meeting with the paddler is waiting.

Pasi Airike on his way to his jury meeting 2009
This might be the most well known passage to a HBB-paddler that Pasi Airike is about to open with his jury meeting at hand. The gate in to Stråkvägen 24 and we all remember how tension and expectation increased.

If we have announced our paddling from Svinesund at the Norwegian border along the entire Swedish coast to Haparanda at the Finnish border the log book isn’t telling all. After reaching the goal at landmark 59, comes most often reverberations of different kinds. One reverberation is obvious. A meeting with theHBB- jury will round off the tour. It isn’t enough saying that we have landed at Virtakari to be an approved conqueror of Havspaddlarnas Blå Band. We have to prove that we have paddled the estimated 2300 kilometres at our own capacity and skill according to the rules and followed those.
When this has happened the members of the HBB jury find great joy to in company with the paddlers celebrate their achievements. We like to memorize them all and have now started this page. It started 2007 as a try and became a habit from 2008. A page we hope more than us find interest in.

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5 x HBB

During the past years, since Jim Danielsson’s first tour 1991, many have paddled HBB one time or more and here are images from those meetings. At first however a glimpse from the five folded conquerors.

The five folded-quartet: Bengt Larsson year 2008 | Jim Danielsson year 2009 | Leif Andersson year 2009 | Peter Magnusson year 2014


6 x HBB

Year 2014 was the tart golden yellow as the times someone had paddled HBB increased to six. We congratulate Jim for his efforts that probably a record hard to beat.
The year after - 2015 - got Jim company by Peter in this group of six-folded conquerors and the tart was brown.

Jim Danielsson år 2014 - Peter Magnusson år 2015






Approved by the jury 2020 July 24

The first jury meeting this year has despite the pandemic been held with Oskar, but all within the recommendations to keep the distance. To save traveling did Oskar and his girlfriend make a brake as the passed Solna on their way back home to Malmö and after a walk around in the north. During the meeting was Sofia a tense listener to the members Sven Berggren, Jim Danielsson and Thorvald Nielsen..

As more and more usual nowadays did Oskar not have physical maps to turn back and forth. Instead he used his Instagram where he had noted day by day as the log and led the jury through his tour. It was neatly noted including all such as distances, campsites and trace. All speeding up the meeting as questions didn+t arise.
As the agenda say it was soon time to approve this tour and Oskar.


We wish them safe driving to their hometown.



Approved bz the jury 2020 September 21

A jury meeting by the phone was today held with Tony. Under ongoing pandemic is not collective transports to recommend.

Tony had earlier sent his tour data such as logbook, maps and other document to verify the tour. Judging from his tracks he had made some straight crossings.

The review easily proceeded as Tony had made the basis were neatly.
With the return will Tony also get the miniature kayak he had ordered together with Jim's book - 100.000 kilometres in a Sea Kayak and the approvement by the jury he got during the call.

A congratulation from all followers by the net comes here.



Approved by the jury 2020 Oct 03

As safe Jörgen had paddled around the coast he also made account for his tour from point to point. In the decimated jury were Sven Berggren (also photographer) and Jim Danielsson.
They easily agreed on that Jörgen had made the entire tour according to the rules and could approve him.
Jim could then hand over the Miniature Kayak to Jörgen.

Jörgen could relax and in some calmness have the Beer and sandwich followed by "fika" with a tart.

Probably was the tart to celebrate the finish of this season in spite of ongoing pandemic that had kept due distance.


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